Experience grip like never before

Experience grip like never before.

We make premium yoga mats to help you live your best life on and off the mat.

Keep your yoga practice fresh

Rediscover yoga with our mats and motion blocks. Our yoga products will help keep your practice fresh and engaging.


What yoga teachers are saying
"I get super sweaty with practice and I love how my Elo Yoga mat holds up with the grip, something that has been lacking with some imported mats I have used. The thickness of their regular mat is just perfect too, providing enough cushion for my knees and feet. 🥰"
Vina @vinaohh
"The grip of the Hero Mat is SOOO GOOD—holding extended planks are now so much easier haha. Aaaand it’s black, matte (PU) leather!! SO ME!! This is the stuff my yoga mat dreams are made of! 🖤"
Valerie de los Santos @valeriedls & @valeriedls.yoga
"Comfort, Durability & Affordability. Hero mat got it all covered. And yes, it comes in different colors too. Hero mat is indeed a hero made for heroes."
Teacher Glen @practicewithglen
"At 5mm, the Hero Mat is firm enough to offer that sensation of stability and grounding, and at the same time thick enough to provide cushion for work where I would usually require an extra layer of padding. But the best part about it is the grip! No more slippery paws for me in Down Dog! 🐾"
Pia Puno @createflowph
"The grip is undeniably clutch and will seize your most loved yoga pose! I can do poses without skidding. I love the color choices too! This mat is worth your money & you are supporting local biz!"
Stephen @yogi_eksti
"I love how cushiony this mat is! I teach every day and I'm on my knees on the mat quite often, so the comfort that my Hero Mat gives is really important to me. It's grippy, dries easily and is easy to clean, and never smells bad even though I get really sweaty and use it every day. "
Mel Torre @pinktsinelas
Elevate your home-based yoga sessions

Practicing yoga in the comfort of home helps you discover your most authentic self. Take your home-based practice to the next level with high-quality products.

Why Elo?

Yoga mats that provide excellent grip and traction
Thoughtfully Designed
Minimalist effective design that grows with you
Good for the environment, good for you!
Made for You
Made for You
Versatility and comfort matched to your needs