Hello, hero.

Welcome to our safe space, where you can freely make peace with who you are.

My name is Jico and I am the founder of Elo Athletics.

I believe that even after you have rolled up your mat, our connection continues.

Our Story

To find your flow is to live in harmony with yourself while your body, mind, and soul remain still amidst the chaos of the world.

Imagine pulling your life together, one stretch at a time—that's what yoga did to me. It allowed me to slowly uncover and embrace who I really am.

This art of grounding and relearning about my authentic self led me to overcome my doubts and to appreciate my individuality. The moment that I discovered the peace and power within me and how it strengthens my physical and mental well-being, I realized that Yoga should be inclusive and accessible to everyone looking to develop self-compassion and understanding.

This prompted me to create something that can inspire people to slow down, to reconnect with their inner self, and learn to love the things that make them unique. I wanted to create a Yoga companion for beginners and professionals alike—products that will empower, inspire, and connect.

With a vision, this tiny sprout that was once in my head eventually came to life:

I created Elo, a Philippine-based yoga brand selling professional yoga products for every body and everybody.

Our Story

To build a community where you can share your passion and obtain support from other yogis, wherever you may be in your journey.

By cultivating involvement and positive interactions to inspire and be inspired, we don't just want to build a community of yogis taking another yoga class. Elo's mission is to build something that will last—a home.

From a single drop, we hope to make a huge ripple and to impact others with positive and vibrant energy. It's a long road ahead but the moment you decide to take your first step, we'll root and stay with you throughout your journey.

We’re here to help you embrace the ebb and find your flow.
Elo believes in the hero in you.