What is the EasyAlign Yoga Alignment System?

Elo Azure Alignment Yoga Mat under hands and feet
Our EasyAlign System is a set of guiding lines that can be used for your Yoga asana practice. It helps you find balance, stay aligned, and prevent injuries due to misalignment. Featuring a simple and light engraving that minimizes distracting lines, and progressive marks suited for every body.

How does it work?

The simple marking system on the mat gives you as much or as little guidance as you need. The alignment lines are meant to act as points of reference for your body, and not as instructional lines. This way you still have complete control over your yoga practice. Remember, listening to your body is the most important thing!

The system has been kept deliberately simple with a light engraving method, so you can check your alignment with just a glance, without being distracted by confusing lines on your mat.


Benefits of the EasyAlign Alignment System

Improving your alignment can have amazing benefits to your yoga practice, allowing you to create a strong and stable foundation to safely progress with challenging poses.

    1. Making your practice safer  

    The EasyAlign System can protect you and your body from unwanted injuries such as joint damage, strains, and sprains, which often occur due to misalignment. While you might not feel a sudden pain from doing a pose out of alignment, many yoga injuries accumulate over time. That’s why having proper alignment is important, which can be achieved through alignment systems or even through the use of props. 

    2. Creating opportunities for self-correction

    Visual guides are helpful in understanding where effort in your body lies during yoga poses. The alignment markers can act as reference points that will help you shift your strength to parts of your body that make the poses more accessible.

    3. Tracking your progress

    By using the lines as markers, you can slowly track your progress towards postures that may not be accessible to you at the moment. All you have to do is familiarize yourself on the specific points of the mat that your body comes in contact with at certain points in time, and compare these points as you grow in your practice. 


      Focusing on alignment helps you have a better understanding of your body and enhances your self-confidence. Many people are disassociated from their physical bodies. Yoga uses alignment as one of its primary methods to reconcile the body and mind. With the correct tools and skilled coaching, poses that feel uncomfortable and unstable at first become easy and natural.